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Big Sur and Beyond

I was lucky enough to take a quick road trip down the American west coast recently.

Here are just a few shots from our route down.  It is quite the amazing drive if you ever have the opportunity.


Big Sur
Crescent City
Smith River


Who doesn’t love repetitive patterns!?

Quick post of a little wrapping/wall paper creative I shot recently.  I’m a fan of repetitive patterns so I thought doing a wrapping or wallpaper design would allow me to indulge my OCD .

Hop on over to my site to see the other images from this series.




What do athletes and seniors have in common? POLIDENT!!

I had the opportunity to work with the fellas over at BrandHealth recently on a new project for Polident.  The ad targets athletes to promote using polident to clean their mouthguards after a hard game, similarly to senior’s dentures after a long day of soft foods.

It was a clever concept and I had a great time working with the team over at BrandHealth.



Rick Kemp – Executive Creative Director

Mike Pezoulas – Creative Director

Klint Davies – Associate Creative Director



hashtag resolution blog fail?

This was intended to be a new years resolution but we are one meagre day from March.  hashtag resolution blog fail?  I’m new to hashtags as well.

Like the majority of blog contributors out there I have high hopes for my ability to keep up the posts – at least initially.  Bear with me.

Scroll down for a recent creative I have so cleverly named “Carrot Fish” or if you have yet to check out my site – – please take a moment to see what I have been up to.


CarrotFish BTS




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